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Why Writers Should Follow Celebrities

Jennifer Aniston
George Clooney

Celebrities!  We might love them and we might hate them, but as writers I think we should pay attention to them and what they say and do.  Why, you ask?  Because it helps us create better characters.

Often times when I have writer’s block, I think of what situations celebs have been in.  I imagine what they would wear, what they do, who they’d be with and what they’d say.  This helps add drama.  In this case, I  sometimes add Kardashian-like traits to my Heroine.  While I’m not really a fan of the Kardashian’s, Khloe is my favorite.  (Read THIS blog post I wrote about her).

I think that I first really began to enjoy celebs when Friends was on.  I loved Jennifer Aniston and still do!  She’s got a great body, she’s funny, she has confidence, and she’s moved on from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – yuck!  Come on, we all know he’s a loser for cheating on Jen!  As for George (yes, I’m on a first name basis with him), don’t we all wish he was our Heroine?  Can you believe he just turned 51?!  This leads me to another plus of following celebs – relationships!  If you read the famously known tabloids and relate them to your characters, then you can create conflict between your Hero/Third Party/Heroine.  The magazine and website I use for this is UsWeekly!

Matthew McConaughey

(It’s okay if you can’t take your eyes off the men on this post.  I can’t either).

Here’s some advice for writing your characters like celebs:

Read magazines!  Don’t just look at the pictures imagining how you wish you had their life

When watching an award show, observe them carefully: How do they walk? Who do they hug? A parent, friend or lover?

Reese Witherspoon

Above all, create the character that you want!  It’s important to do this because while copying can be easy, I don’t recommend it.  Be creative!  You don’t have to use everything about just one actor or actress, but maybe combining characteristics might work better — to create that perfect character for your book.

If all else fails, go ahead and use the Kardashian family!  You’re bound to write characters with lots of drama (KIM), lots of love (KHLOE), and lots of mommy-talk (KOURTNEY).

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