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Cleaning & Organizing…

Over a year ago the hubby and I moved back into our newly renovated home, and it’s beautiful.  We’ve had fun organizing and playing with (and in) the new parts of the house, but never really opened back up the old part, making it into one home — until recently.  Our front door was blue to begin with, and we wanted a change.  We sanded for a few hours, then stopped, letting it go not very pretty for a long time.  Just this past weekend, we finished…and it’s so pretty!  The paint color we ended up with is called “Stolen Kiss,” (perfect name, don’t ya’ think?).  After the door was finished, we started (cleaning out, throwing out/away and organizing) the rest of the house.  Our first task was our “reading room,” (A.K.A. “where we put everything else”).  Step-by-step through our organization, we made huge progress — and still are!  In the past four days, we’ve bought five of these bookshelves from Office Depot, each under $50 dollars!  Now, comes the fun part!  My amazing, handsome, loving and funny husband brought home a barcode scanner, (yes, like from the stores) and we’ve scanned almost every book in our house and put them on our new shelves so we can record every book we have in our house.  (I swear, he has a way to do everything!)  While it’s been quite and eye-opening experience to see all the books I have in their place, it’s mind-boggling of what to do with them.  I have so many different type of books that it seems more like a bookstore than a home, but I’m okay with that because I love bookstores — ha, ha!

How do you suggest putting the books in order?

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