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Monarch Beach

Book review of “Monarch Beach”

“Monarch Beach,” by Anita Hughes

When a mom, Amanda Blick sees her sexy French chef husband, Andre, wrapped around his sous-chef, she’s heartbroken.  When her mother urges Amanda and her son, Max, to get a change of scenery with her at St. Regis Resort in Laguna Beach, she agrees to go to Laguna Beach.  She needed to get away from him for the summer and think about her future.  Instead of simply relaxing, doing her best to keep her mind off of Andre, Amanda meets a handsome older man who sweeps her away.  Also divorced, Edward teaches Amanda that there can be a life after Andre…until his loyalties are to be questioned.

There had been a lot of talk about “Monarch Beach,” so I put it on my to-read list.  When I was asked to review it I jumped at the chance.  From the first sentence to the last, “Monarch Beach” drew me into Amanda’s world.  Through her ups and downs with Andre and Edward, the book was very enjoyable.  With all the twists and turns — especially at the end, I literally couldn’t put this book down.  If I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about planning my own getaway to the St. Regis Resort, hoping to create my own journey.  The characters were very likable, even Andre tried to fool me, but I loved Amanda.  She was a devoted mom who just wanted to do the best for her son after her marriage failed.  I  liked Amanda’s mom and thought that she played a very enjoyable and loving role.  Like Amanda’s character, I loved how she evolved, too.  The ending will leave you aching for more, (I’m really hoping for a continuation with these characters)!

Anita Hughes is a brilliant author who has written a book I loved!  “Monarch Beach” is a funny, heartwarming and sexy read, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a delightful, addicting and fast-paced summer read.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!

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