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What a Texas Girl Wants

Book review of “What a Texas Girl Wants”

“What a Texas Girl Wants,” by Kristina Knight

When a sweet southern lady (with a side of spice on the side) decides to get away from the stresses of her family and the hard work she’s put in to prove to her grandfather that she can take care of her family’s ranch, Kathleen indulges in too much alcohol.  She wakes up on the beach and realizes that she’s been snuggled up to a man from her past named Jackson.  Kathleen is shocked, but what’s even more shocking is when they come to the realization that they’re married — to each other!  Jackson doesn’t want to be tied down to any woman, not even Kathleen.  His main focus was to find his birth mother, not to be confined to the ring on his hand.  Without any real time to talk and go their separate ways, Kathleen’s family surprises her on what was supposed to be her time away.  The only thing they can do is pretend to be married, no matter how hard (or easy) it might be.  Will Jackson go along with Kathleen’s plan to earn her right the ranch, or will their secret be found out?

From the beginning, “What a Texas Girl Wants” had me hooked!  I loved how the story started out — hot!  (What’s not to love waking up on a beach, next to a sexy man?)  The characters were very vocal, especially Kathleen.  I liked that about her because she was confident in how she felt and what she believed, (I love strong heroines!).  I thought that Jackson was a little wimpy when it came to wanting to find his biological mother, but I understood it why.  His relationship between him and Kathleen’s father and grandfather was nice a nice touch — you could really “see” how they felt about Jackson.  This read was definitely filled with sexual tensions.  When they finally succumbed to their desires that allowed the reader to be in the moment with them, I was relived.  I was cheering for them the entire time, and was nervous to see if they would ever be together.

Kristina Knight has written a truly wonderful book!  Being from Texas and having a ranch here, I could relate to Kathleen.  It was truly a pleasure to read!  If you’re looking for a hot summer read or want to curl up on the couch with a steamy book, I recommend “What a Texas Girl Wants!”

I give this book 4 stars!

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