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Why I’m Not Participating In NaNoWriMo!

Happy November!

The past few months have had their ups and downs, but beginning today, things will be back to normal…thank goodness!

This is my favorite month – the cool weather (not cold because I live in Texas), snuggling with my hubby and cat, Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), and usually a good football game, though the Cowboys aren’t doing so well…but that’s for another blog post – I love it all!

For writers all across the world, November 1st is the beginning of National Novel Writing Month, (NaNoNoWriMo).  This is where one writes a complete book in 30 days.  To find out more about my first experience with NaNoWriMo, click HERE.

Anyway, while I want desperately to take part in NaNo, I know I can write a book – in fact, I’ve written two of them – it’s time for me to focus on my next step, becoming a published author.  This means that I need to focus on the editing process, which at times can be very tedious, but there’s good news!  As of next week, I will have an office – one I’ll have to drive to – and will be able to center my complete attention on work.  My goal is to have edits finished with at least one book by the end of the year!  Wish me luck!

**Now, for a little announcement:  I’ve decided to self-publish!

**Why?  Come back for a new blog post tomorrow morning!

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