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What Will That First Day Be Like?

I’ll be moving into my new office this coming week and I’m ecstatic!  It’s the color I want, everything is ready to go — a new desk, a new desktop and printer, and now all I have to do is move in, but now comes exciting part — working!

This has all led me to thinking about what the first day will be like.  I imagine it similar to the first day of school.  I remember my sister having her online status up (a quote she got from Finding Nemo), “First day of school, first day of school,” every term.  That’s how I feel about going to work!  I can’t wait to set my office up, the way I want it – with books, dry erase boards and  wall hangings, all surrounding me as I create!  I’m sure I won’t sleep a wink the night before I go into an office to work (editing to begin my journey as a self-published author).

Tell me about your first day of work as an author, or do you have any tips on creating a productive work environment?

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