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Elke Feuer

Bio of the Author:  Elke lives in Grand Cayman with her husband and two kids. She loves to spend time with her family, travel, and write. She stumbled into writing suspense, and to her surprise found she enjoyed it, along with writing about serial killers. Elke’s fascinated by them, and what motivates them to kill.

Just recently, Elke Feuer was thrilled and honored to find out I’m the only published Caymanian romance author. It’s such a great opportunity to help other writers on island.


Welcome back, Elke! What have you been up to since your first appearance?  I had another baby, edited For the Love of Jazz and started another book, Deadly Bloodlines.

Your book, FOR THE LOVE OF JAZZ, has been picked up by Crimson Romance (Congratulations!), how did you find out that you’d officially be an author?  An email in my inbox from Crimson saying they’d be happy to have my story.

How did you react, and who was the first person you told?  I went in the bedroom and jumped up and down. I couldn’t shout because my daughter was sleeping. My in-laws were visiting at the time. It was about two weeks after I had my daughter. My husband and mother/father in-law were the first to hear the news.

Did you celebrate?  If so, how?  My best friend, Katie, treated me to lunch. She was also the person who encouraged me to submit while I was pregnant. I planned to put off submitting for another year.

At this point in your career as an author, what do you think has helped you the most?  To keep believing in myself and don’t be deterred by rejection letters.

Now that you’re a mom of two, how has it changed your like?  I have a lot less time to write than I used to. Thankfully, my daughter is an amazing sleeper, so I do get some writing time.

Some authors find reviews important, do you?  From what I’ve seen and learned so far, yes. It appears most readers want to know that someone enjoyed the book before they buy it. On amazon it gets you in a higher ranking, so there are definitely perks to getting reviews.

In one word, how does it feel to say you’re an author?  Fantastic!

What has been your favorite part this far in the publishing process?  Meeting new people, especially the crimsonistas (other Crimson authors).

Do you have any plans on marketing your book, and if so, how?  Yes, but there’s not enough room on your blog. LOL. I didn’t realize how many options they are to marketing your book and I plan to take advantage of as many as possible. I’ve done guest interviews, like this one, and guest posts. I’m in the middle of a blog hop and plan to do a couple more before and after the book is released. I’m currently trying to schedule a virtual book tour, a release party and on and on…

Without giving us any spoilers, what is your favorite part in FOR THE LOVE OF JAZZ?  Hmm, that a tough one. Since I have to choose I’d have to say when Josie, the heroine, meets Patrick, the hero, parents. Sparks fly.

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?  My next book is called Deadly Bloodlines. I’m excited because it set in Cayman where I live. Here’s a sample blurb:

Angel Mason is the daughter of a serial killer who tries to redeem the sins of her mother by becoming a forensic officer. She returns to Cayman, running from a love she can’t possess.

On the twentieth anniversary of her mother’s capture, someone is murdered in the same manner as her mother’s victims. She is forced to work with the man she ran from and face the terrifying truth she’s been hiding for twenty years.

**Additional comment by Elke:  Thanks for having me back, Isabella!

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