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Random Sunday Ramblings

Happy Sunday, y’all!  I not supposed to be working on the weekends, but I wanted to share a few random thoughts with you.  In a way, I guess it’s just me venting because I’m a little stressed about the holidays coming up.  Speaking of holidays, why is everyone putting up their Christmas tree this weekend?  It’s not even Thanksgiving!

Anyway, back to my rambling…

I got up to write this post to avoid watching the Cowboy game.  I could no longer watch a train wreck, nor could I stand to listen to the announcers bash a team I grew up with.  I grew up and live in Dallas, so the Cowboys will always be my home team, but there comes a point where I just shake my head, wondering how much more of this we can take.  Cowboys Stadium (a.k.a Jerry’s World) is huge, so we should have a great team, right?  Oh, that’s right because we all live in Jerry’s World, which consists of being obsessed by the unreliable and unqualified quarterback, Tony Romo.  Speaking of Romo, why is it that everyone (even some announcers) think he’s so good and talented, and that the real problem is not having enough or good protection?  Well, Tony can’t throw good, and when he makes a great pass, it’s usually to another player — on a different team!  Just today, I heard that he’s thrown more interceptions than any other active QB in the NFL.  Not surprising!  But back to Jerry, the owner of the team…he needs to fire himself from being the GM of the team and bring someone in to help bring this organization back to what it was when Jimmy Johnson was coach!  And people wonder why I’m a Green Bay Packer fan…GO PACK, GO!  Oh, did I mention that I own that team?
Like I’ve mentioned before, and that I’m still so excited about, I have a new office!  Tomorrow will be my second full week to actually get up to go to work.  I’m loving it!  Another blog post will be up tomorrow about how it’s changed my productivity, but for now, here are a few positives and negatives about not working during the weekend:



Okay, I guess that’s enough rambling for today!  Thanks for letting me vent…

Oh, and here are the final scores:  20-23, Cowboys won!  (Maybe Jason Garret, the head coach, is pleading to keep his job!)  Also, the Packers won, with a final score of 24-20!

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