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The Royal Baby


Today I received great news!  There will be a royal baby!  Kate and William are expecting their first baby.  Since the day they were married (read blog post HERE), doesn’t seem that the world has been anticipating this news? Wait, let me back up a bit.  I say that “I received great news” because Will and Kate are the future.  They’re the next generation of the Royal Family.  Since the beginning of their courtship, they have gained younger fans, and they seem like a normal couple, ones I might invite over for tea!

I have followed the Royal Family since I was young and loved the late Princess Diana.  I’ve read biographies and have watched interviews from the past and present, and have to say I’m very intrigued by them and the secrets they have (from Harry’s paternity, the Prince Charles and Camilla, to Harry’s partying in Vegas).

How can people not speculate, will it be a boy or girl, twins, what will they name it, and so on, it’s what we do, though I wish for peace for the beautiful couple.  I hope that the paparazzi stays away (unlike they did with Princess Di), though I hear that Prince William watches out for Kate more than Charles did to Diana.  Oh, that’s right, he was too busy canoodling Camilla.

In closing, congratulations to the couple!

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