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Call out for movie producers…

Big ticket movie producers you will not want to miss the opportunity to fund the next big chick flick film from novel, Entice Me. Women will flock to the movie doors as they see the cast list in this incredible masterpiece.

Entice Me is the next chick lit novel to hit the e-reading devices and leave the readers wanting more. With a light, entertaining read, know that Entice Me pushes the boundaries of chick lit and provides not only the romantic hotness that we all know and love through various relationships and flings. It explores the realms of the work life and career struggles placed on women who want the high-powered positions and those who just want to break-free from the daily grind. As well as the emotional and physical havoc a stressful and challenging work environment can play. And a novel wouldn’t be fabulous without the superficial, scheming and stunning woman that will plot at every chance she gets to destroy any one who gets in her way.

Entice Me not only has a great story line and dramatic events that will have you guessing throughout but the fiction novel also includes a message entwined to chase the life you always dreamed of. You will be left feeling you can conquer anything after reading Entice Me.

Possible actor choices to play in this chick flick movie include:

Piper Perabo, a great choice to play Miranda who is a recruitment consultant forced to create more balance in her life.

Crystal Lucy would suit the anxiety stricken Louise and Grace, a free spirit who aims to help Miranda find balance in her life would be well played by Emma Stone.

For the male leads:

The upcoming Dean Geyer and his chiselled body and romantic aroma would be the perfect match to play Mr Perfect.

Maximilian Befort a young German actor who speaks fluent in English and French and has got that European demeanour that matches French lover Grant would be ideal.

George Clooney, the hottest man on the planet would suit well to play the character, Ray, who is a secret romantic / workaholic / typical male who hides his emotions.

Jake Gyllenhaal would star as Mike the lovable but unpredictable husband who is lost in his unstable surroundings.

And the actor who would play the crazy woman who is a nasty piece of work will have to endure a serious audition process to be the best meanest and materialistic woman that hosts a façade of sweetness.

With a great cast and plot you will not want to miss this soon to be fabulous chick flick movie. Movie producers send your bid to author Melanie Toye at

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