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The Green Ticket

Book review of “The Green Ticket”

“The Green Ticket” by Samantha March

When Alex, a junior in college, gets her “dream job” as a manager at Blissful, a thriving salon and spa, she’s excited and willing to finally have an adult job.  Alex is ready to start a busy life of scheduling appointments for customers and employees, coming up with marketing and advertising plans, along with getting special attention from her bosses (Kevin and Dani, a married couple), all while trying to still have enough time for her friends and boyfriend.

Her life at Blissful was hardly what she expected.  Trying to keep her male boss’s affairs a secret from his wife, who she’s become friends with, along with trying to watch over the rest of the employees, Alex goes home each night exhausted and her mind reeling with emotions.  When Alex begins to receive hefty checks from Kevin to keep his secrets, she’s her morals are weighed.  Will she take the money and keep quiet, or will her better judgement get the best of her and realize that having it all doesn’t really mean that life really is greener (or wealthier) on the other side?  Alex’s character is put difficult situations — her male boss is a cheater and she sees her best friend trying to achieve goals of her own.

I really loved the plot of this book and was eager to see how it would turn out, especially with all that the main character is up against.  This book was a quick read that had me wondering what would happen each chapter.  It isn’t until something shocking (though somehow it fits this character) does Alex realize what I think Alex knew to do all along.  I loved how there was no blah part of the book and I wasn’t reading anything that didn’t involve the book.  The end of “The Green Ticket” surprised me a bit, though in a good way and I think it ended as it should have.  Whew, thank goodness!  I’d love for there to be a continuation, maybe where Alex is in two, three or five years from the end of where the book ended.

This was easily one of the top three books I’ve read of 2012 and I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

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