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Somewhere Down In Texas — Prologue

This is a prologue to my third book, “Somewhere Down In Texas.”  The following is a first draft and hasn’t been edited, so please ignore any mistakes.


My graduation dinner with my granny ended early so I decided to surprise my boyfriend, Clay, at his house.  His parents were out of town and we were planning on spending the night in each other’s arms.  We had made love only a few times, but we had never just spent the night with each other.

His Chevrolet truck was in the driveway and I smiled, remembering all the fun and memorable times we shared in that old beat up thing.  After checking myself in the mirror and adding some lip gloss, I got out of my car, quietly closing the door on my new BMW convertible and walked up to the porch.  When I reached the knob, I slowly twisted it, opening the Dennis’ home.  They never locked their doors.  Hell, nobody did, in Amarillo, Texas.

When I didn’t see him watching the blaring television in the family room, I tiptoed into the kitchen.  There was no sight of him.  He must be in the bedroom, waiting for me, I thought, as I felt heat rush to my cheeks.  I walked down the dark hallway that was covered with pictures of Clay and his younger sister, Caroline.  His door was cracked, so I pushed it open.  What I saw was horrifying!  My high school sweetheart and my worst enemy, Lila, were in bed together.  The door banged against the wall, startling them, as they both jumped and faced me.  To my surprise, Clay just sat there, as Lila covered herself up with Clay’s sheets — the same light green sheets that I had been tangled up in after a passionate lovemaking session with “Amarillo’s Sexiest Cowboy,” quoting the magazine cover of The Amarillo Man.

“Addie!” Clay said, finally jumping out of bed and putting on his jeans.  “This isn’t what it looks like,” he said as he stumbled his way across the room towards me.

My eyes were filled with tears and I could barely speak.  “What…what is this?”  I looked at him and then at Lila, who looked pleased with herself for causing trouble.  I just stood there and glared at them, not knowing what to do or say.

When Clay tried to reach for me and try to explain, I wouldn’t let him.  “Don’t you touch me,” I said firmly.  “It’s over,” and walked out of his house, as he chased behind me.

“She means nothing to me, love.  It’s you I want.”  He pulled my arm and turned me around to face him.  “It was a mistake.  Baby, please forgive me.”  His eyes squinted together and the fear of losing me covered his face.  “I need you, Adalina, I love you.  Please, don’t leave me.”  His voice sounded desperate.

I ignored his puppy dog look, the one I never could resist.  “I hope Lila was worth it,” I said in a cold tone.  I pressed the key remote to unlock my door, got in my car and sped away.  I didn’t bother to look in my rearview mirror, or to the life that with him that we had planned.

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