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The Month of December

As some of you might know, I was planning to go on vacation with my hubby to Florida and stopping along the way.  I got sick with a really bad eye infection, so we had to cancel our trip, but came up with what I’m calling Plan-B!  We spent about six days at my family’s ranch doing nothing but relaxing and working very little.  Though my eye infection was very painful and annoying, I still had a very memorable time.  We came back home on our third wedding anniversary, December 12th!  I had a wonderful anniversary with my hubby, who made me a delicious meal, and we even drank champagne out of the flutes we had at our reception:

True Love – 12/12/2009

Being a writer isn’t easy, but my hubby knows how hard I work, so for our anniversary, here are some really awesome writer gifts he gave me for our anniversary and for Christmas:

As you can see, I had an amazing anniversary and a wonderful Christmas, even though plans changed.  I surprisingly enjoyed the time off.  I’m usually one who’s going and going, so it was nice to have most of the month of December off.  I encourage you to take time to not work as much and take time with your loved ones, as time is precious.

Now that it’s January, I’m ready to get back to work, enjoying life and not sweating the small stuff as much as I have.

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