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Bella Summer Takes a Chance

Book Review of “Bella Summer Takes a Chance”

“Bella Summer Takes a Chance” by Michele Gorman

Book Description:

When is enough not enough?

Bella’s career and relationship are her life’s foundationwear: not glamorous and perhaps a bit binding, but supportive enough… until she realizes that they are not enough. Her life is sagging badly. She’s never been in love with her boyfriend, despite a decade together. And somehow she stopped being a musician-with-a-day-job and became a consultant-who-was-musical. So she takes a terrifying leap of faith, leaving her relationship and resolving to follow her musical dreams no matter what.

But the life you walk away from doesn’t always let you walk away.

With a wonderfully warm and witty cast of friends, all navigating between their ideals and the realities they face, together they’ll find out what love and compromise really mean in this empowering tale about grasping life with both hands.

My Review:

Bella’s story had me intrigued right from the beginning.  From the moment she breaks up with her boyfriend of a very long time, I wanted to see where life would take her, personally and professionally.  I loved the strong bond that “B” has with her friends.  While I sometimes felt that their lives took over, sometimes way too much, I understood it by the time the book was over and think that it helped complete her story — that there are many, many ways to “love” someone.

My only concerns were that instead of calling “B” her real name, “Bella,” that it might not make the reader as invested in  the main character as much.  Also, I wanted to see Bella become someone, because while she seems to be going somewhere, I didn’t feel complete with her character.  I would’ve also like to have a huge event in her personal life happen, , not just in her professionally.

“Bella Summer Takes a Chance” was a fun read and I truly enjoyed it.  I even laughed out loud quite a few times.  Michele Gorman is a talented author and I definitely plan on reading more of her books.

I give “Bella Summer Takes a Chance” 4 out of 5 stars!

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