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Somewhere Between Black and White

Book review of “Somewhere Between Black and White”

“Somewhere Between Black and White” by Shelly Hickman

Book Description:

Romance, humor, family drama, with a touch of Buddhism. Sound interesting?

When approaching life’s problems, Sophie sees in black and white. That is, when they’re someone else’s problems. So when it comes to her sister, Sophie is sure she has all the answers, and offers them without hesitation. If only her sister would listen.

Then, through a series of chance encounters, she meets Sam, who is witty, kind, and downright unflappable. Sophie has the overwhelming sense that she’s known him before, and as a relationship builds between them, odd visions invade her mind. Though she tries to dismiss them, their persistence will not allow it.

As someone who is quick to judge others, she is intrigued by Sam’s ability to accept people as they are. She begins to see him as a role model, but try as she may, his accepting nature is difficult to emulate.

Will Sophie ever be able to put her hasty judgments aside and realize not every problem has a simple solution?

My Review:

I was excited to start “Somewhere Between Black and White” because I wanted to read Sophie and Sam’s story.  Quickly, I began to really enjoy this book and like the characters, especially the relationship Sophie has with her sister, Evie.  When Evie’s situation seems black and white to Sophie, it’s not for her and wishes her sister would see that things aren’t always that way…

And then Sophie meets and gets to know Sam, someone she’s convinced that she’s known from a previous life.

I found Sam’s charm in this book to be adorable.  As a teacher coworker of Sophie’s, he has a way of expressing things, not only to his students, but to her as well.  Through intellectual conversations and passionate kisses, Sam opens her world, showing her that things don’t always have to be black and white, there can be a shade of grey, too.

I seemed confused by the flashbacks.  I didn’t think they were understandable enough for the reader.  But, I did like how Evie’s husband’s picture was what Sophie saw, as I think it brought them closer after what happened, (sorry, NO SPOILERS).  Also, while I loved the sweet ending, I think it came too fast.  I wanted to see them struggle more as a couple, and I want to know they can get through anything and stay together.

If you’re looking for a cute, fun, and fast read, I highly recommend “Somewhere Between Black and White!”

I give this book 4 stars!

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