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I Wish There Were Baby Factories


“I Wish There Were Baby Factories” by Julie Weinberg

Blurb of “I Wish There Were Baby Factories”:

It’s Washington DC in 1990 and yuppies Lauren and Mack Weiss seem to have it all: great jobs, nice cars and each other. All they need—and desperately want—is a baby to complete the picture. Join them on their five-year quest through infertility, genetic testing, failed adoption and more. Learn about the behind the scenes antics of the Maryland General Assembly while Lauren juggles the demands of her job with her desire to start a family. Will it all be worth it in the end?

From an author often compared to Erma Bombeck, this funny and compelling debut novel will have you laughing out loud, sometimes crying, but always hopeful. A heartwarming, true-life story that will stay with you long after the last page is turned.

Chapter One, tease

With my feet in the stirrups and the doctor buried under the sheet covering my legs, I stared out the window and tried to conjure an image of me holding a cherub-faced baby in my arms. I could almost hear the baby’s soft cooing.

“Ouch!” I involuntarily cried, jolted back to reality by the doctor’s less than gentle insertion of the speculum.

Dr. Jackson tried to soothe my nerves with his deep, melodic voice. “Just relax, Lauren. This should only take a minute.”

Right. How’d you like a cold metal stick shoved up your— I breathed deeply and tried to sink back into my daydream.

Dr. Jackson removed the speculum, inserted what must have been his entire hand up to the elbow and started poking and prodding my lower abdomen. “Everything feels normal. Nothing enlarged or out of place.”

I would have responded, but I could barely breathe. Who knew a doctor could adjust your voice box via the vagina?

Dr. Jackson disengaged himself from my insides. “Go ahead and get dressed, Lauren. I’ll be back in a few minutes to talk about what your next steps should be.”

**About the author:

Julie left behind the calm of her childhood upbringing in Overland Park, Kansas when she followed her dream to live, work and breathe politics by attending American University in Washington, DC.

Never looking back, she worked as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill before jumping ship to state politics with the Maryland General Assembly.  Her K-12 education policy expertise helped her in the political arena and eventually as a mom, too. Her book, I Wish There Were Baby Factories, chronicles a five-year quest though infertility through a fun and often times heartbreaking Chic-Lit read.

An avid Baltimore Ravens fan and now a dedicated soccer mom, Julie and her family live in beautiful Potomac, MD.

**Contact Julie: Website   Facebook   Twitter

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