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About author, Glenice Raj: Work in the Fashion Industry in NYC and attend Fordham University, getting my Bachelors degree in Computer Science. One day, hope to get a dog if I stop killing plants. My caretaker skills are a work in progress.


Describe your writing style in five sentences: I would love to think my style is similar to Jane Austen and Helen Fielding, but I am told that is not the case! If you ask me, I am Fielding’s twin. That’s my story and I am sticking with it!

Tell us about your book, “The Absolute Being of Nothingness”: It is a story of a single, dizzy yet lovable woman Gwendolyn, who tries so hard to make a success of her professional and love life, yet her penchant for getting into trouble leads her into a merry dance. From being dateless suddenly she finds herself caught between two men, the delicious Dr. Mark Beasley for whom she risks life and limb ( yes! she goes hiking!) to impress him and Daniel, who drives her insane and they can’t spend two minutes in each other’s company without trading insults.

Coffee or tea?: May I have door # 3 please? Starbucks Cappuccino please!

What was the writing/editing/publishing process like for you?: Painful! Went through the whole process in a state of panic, devouring chocolates and wine.

Describe your typical day: Have a fight with my alarm clock till I finally cave in, get up and stumble into things until I have my first cup of java. Then it is a mad dash of getting ready and trying to sneak into my office in the Fashion Industry without alerting my boss on my tardiness. After a long day of saving the world from wearing an outfit with the wrong button (Heaven forbid!), I go to Fordham University in the evenings to learn all about computers in the process driving my professors to drink. At night time, I crawl all the way home and work on either projects from school or my latest addiction: my book.

How did you celebrate your first book being published?: slept. Hey don’t knock it! Sleeping is good for the soul.

When writing, noise or silence?: Definitely music playing in the background

What inspired you to write “The Absolute Being of Nothingness”?: I finished Bridget Jones Diary one week-end and I craved for more, so had no choice but to write my own chick lit.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?: Good Heavens no! I went through the usual routine of wanting to be an aeronautical engineer, marine biologist, work for NASA, a nun (yeah, let’s not go there! It’s a story for another day) find the cure for AIDS, you know the usual ambitions. Never thought I had a story to tell until I sat in front of my laptop and stared at the pristine white page of word document mocking me and I thought “You are on! It’s between you and me now Word!”

Every writer must have a…: sister! Or a friend who acts like a sibling! To critique your work until you are driven to do better or go absolutely mental

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?: Never cry uncle

What are you working on at the moment?: Sequel to The Absolute Being of Nothingness… any suggestions on the title?

“The Absolute Being of Nothingness” by Glenice Raj

Blurb: This is the story of Gwendolyn David who is the most awesome dating divalicious, sexy goddess, Pulitzer Prize winning career driven woman extraordinaire! Well to be quite honest, future Pulitzer Prize winner and yet to have a boyfriend!!!… These are just minor hiccups if you ask her!

In reality, this is a story of Gwendolyn David a self absorbed, totally lovable, slightly dizzy single woman in NYC with secret superhero fantasies. Her penchant for getting into trouble throws her into the path of a modern day Mr. Darcy, a sardonic and mysterious stranger.

From the moment they set eyes on each other, they draw swords. Will they trade their swords for ploughshares?

Amidst the fireworks, enter the delicious Dr. Mark Beasley. The golden boy, the man you take home to meet your parents.

Where will her heart lead her? To Mark for whom she risks life and limb to impress him or Daniel who she would love to exile to Antarctica?

**Contact Raj: Email:   Website   Facebook   Twitter

**Note: “The Absolute Being of Nothingness” comes out on February 25th, but you can buy the book from the publisher, Tate Publishing!

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