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Fun After the Fire


“Fun After the Fire” by Madeleine Lakewood

Blurb: When Briana and her roommate Dan are left alone at the bonfire, their feelings–kept hidden since she first moved in–finally erupt. Can Briana resist the temptation, or are she and Dan in for a steamy night?

“Fun After the Fire” is a short 2500-word romp that’s sure to tease and please.

My Review: Madeleine Lakewood reached out to me, offering to send me her book for an honest review. I instantly downloaded it, and began reading.

Briana and Dan hooked up pretty quickly, which I didn’t mind at all because they weren’t strangers, and found there to be an innocence about their lovemaking. For any good erotica, I feel that there must be very vivid descriptions, and this book was just that — quite descriptive, but not overly done, and I felt that I was still able to use my imagination, too. Very well-written, Madeleine Lakewood!

If you’re looking for a spicy and erotica read that you can read during lunch, before bed, or perhaps to help you get in the mood, I recommend “Fun After the Fire.”

I give this book 4 stars!

**About author, Madeleine Lakewood:

Madeleine Lakewood is an upcoming erotic romance author. She likes to write stories about unrequited lust gone requited, naughty roommates, and women learning to express themselves. When she’s not writing, she indulges in tea — especially chamomile — and first kisses with naughty boys. “Fun After the Fire” is her first foray into self-publishing, with many more to come.

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