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NEW RELEASE: “Seven Days”


“Seven Days” by Lindy Dale

Blurb: Friends with benefits is fine for some but what happens when a threesome turns into a bizarre love triangle?
Twenty-one year old Sadie Cooper has been too scared to step outside her comfort zone for most of her life. Having lived quietly with her now deceased mother, Sadie finds new experiences difficult. She likes being a homebody, even if it’s little predictable at times. She likes boring because boring is safe. It’s easy to plan for boring.

Nicholas Lawson has other ideas for Sadie, however. From the moment they meet on the beach, the chemistry between them is evident and Sadie finds herself feeling things she’s only ever read about in books. Nicholas only has to say how high and Sadie is willing to jump. And fall. Nicholas can coax Sadie into doing things she’s never dreamed of… like having a threesome with him and best mate Joel.

Sure, Sadie’s attracted to Joel. Insanely so. She might even love him a little if he wasn’t so damn annoying. Joel’s cute and funny, not to mention rather charismatic. But Joel openly admits he’s into ‘bedding not wedding’. He’s not the relationship kind. And Sadie most definitely is.

A harmless bit of fun can get very sticky when love enters the room.

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**About author, Lindy Dale: Lindy began writing at University but never really wanted to be ‘an author’. She wanted to be a Princess or at worst a Kindergarten teacher. Her first novel, Heart of Glass, was penned in 2007 and since then she become known for writing funny, forthright romantic fiction with a cast of crazy, comic characters. She gains most of her inspiration from her dreams, listening to music and watching ridiculous amounts of TV.

In 2012, Lindy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and, never one to let a chance escape, she used the hospital visits to write Storm in a B Cup, which features the fictional character Sophie, whose medical experiences mirror the author’s own journey. Sophie however, ends up with her hot plastic surgeon. Lindy is still very much married to her gorgeous husband of twenty-six years. Lindy is also well-known for her short, romantic novellas which have repeatedly topped the short stories charts in the US and UK.

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