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BOOK FEATURE: “Love on the Rocks: A Positano Tale”

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“Love on the Rocks: A Positano Tale” by Catie Costa

Blurb: Two American women spend a summer in Positano, Italy, the Pearl of the Amalfi, where there is no shortage of delicious food, sparkly prosecco, and romantic confusion.

* * * * *


Bridget flipped through the photo album labeled “Positano.” She and her best friend, Kit, had started the album two summers ago when they had returned from their first visit to the seaside resort. The girls conceded that the cliffside town had cast some sort of spell over them that summer. What had it been about that first summer: the lazy beach days; the hot, prosec- co-downing nights at the disco? Yes, of course. But more than those things, it had been about the people they’d met there.

Bridget perused the pages of the album and sighed nostalgically. There was Tino in front of his ceramics shop; the Americans they’d met at the disco; there was bespectacled Lassino sticking his tongue out at Kit; and there was Paolo. Paolo, with his prominent nose, bright-blue eyes, and gor- geous white teeth. Paolo and Bridget, well, what had transpired between them during this last trip had been completely harmless, although a bit out of character for Bridget. There was nothing wrong with what she’d done, per se. Everybody did stuff like that on vacation. That’s what they said. Whoever “they” were. Bridget remembered the night all too well…

* * * * *

**About author, Catie Costa: Catie has traveled all over Western Europe, with repeated trips to Ireland and Italy. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

**Contact Catie: Website   Facebook   Twitter

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