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BOOK FEATURE: “Reunion” by Beth Brophy


Blurb: Three old friends, a beautiful mansion in the resort town of East Hampton, New York, and a few days carved out to spend together. It sounds like a recipe for a perfect reunion. But that’s not how it turns out in this novel about three engaging women and their long friendship. During their time together, each of them faces a personal crisis, set in motion by long-ago choices. Faith, Holly, and Charlotte, friends for more than three decades, are separated by geography and life circumstances. They have managed to remain close — although if they met now, they likely would find little common ground. Faith is a high school teacher, married to her high school sweetheart, living in the Long Island suburb where they all grew up. Holly moved to California for college, and married and settled in San Francisco. Charlotte produces and writes socially conscious documentaries and resides in Bethesda, Maryland with her family. Despite their vastly different lives, the three women get together every year or so to bond and cement their close ties. Everything is set for their long-awaited East Hampton vacation, where they plan to catch up during long walks and talks on the beach, relaxing by the pool, and over leisurely dinners. However, their much-anticipated reunion is beset by unexpected developments, including a visit from a mutual friend from their past. He is only one catalyst that leads to the disclosure of long-buried and surprising secrets. Will Faith, Holly and Charlotte find ways to resolve their current predicaments without sacrificing valued relationships? Or will this reunion mark the end of what they hold dear, including their relationships with each other?

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