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BOOK FEATURE: “Sugar Daddy: HeadHunter”


“Sugar Daddy: HeadHunter” by Sky Sterling

Blurb: Tara is a 19-year-old blonde beach babe with the brains to get herself through law school and the body to lure any guy or girl she wants. The lousy summer weather has kept the tourists away from Tara’s seaside restaurant this year, leaving her without the financial means to continue to pursue her law degree away from home. With her family financially unable to help, and desperate for a solution, she joins Campus Connections to find herself a Sugar Daddy. Before long, she is matched with a rich, handsome man who is able to provide for her in ways she at first can only imagine.

The fantasy unfolds as she is pampered in every conceivable way, while her financial needs – and so many more – are met by the charming, uber-wealthy Liam. The epitome of intelligence, maturity, and physical allure, Liam takes Tara on a roller coaster of sexual discovery that brings her closer to a life of luxury and moral ambiguity and further from her lifelong dreams of a career as a lawyer.

Unwilling to turn her back from the opportunities Liam has brought her, Tara embraces her new life with lustful passion, while struggling to reconcile her seemingly endless capacity for sex with her need for companionship and trust. Along the journey, she realizes a series of sexual epiphanies that bring her to new heights of pleasure as she sinks deeper into the erotic abyss that lay before her.

**Click HERE to read an excerpt of “Sugar Daddy: HeadHunter!

**About the author: Sky Sterling is an up-and-coming erotica writer from Canada. A porn aficionado for years, Sky has found most hardcore erotica “literature” to be lacking in complexity or style. The genre is defined, it seems, on the one hand by erotic romance that avoids hardcore sex, taboos and fetishes; and on the other hand, defined by hardcore, messy and extreme sex with little regard to writing, story, or emotion.

There has to be a middle ground. Bridging this divide has given purpose to Sky’s erotic writing. Whether this has actually been achieved is up to you to decide!

Recognizing there is a market for well-crafted, thought-provoking erotica that does not shy away from hardcore sex, and lots of it, Sky put “pen to paper” (no, not literally) and started writing. After about a year of going at it part-time, usually exploiting scarce hours in the evening, two complete novels have been completed and published successfully on Amazon Kindle and now in paperback through Amazon publishing.

The really burning question: is Sky a girl, or a guy? Can you tell? Let the speculation begin!


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