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BOOK FEATURE: “Enticing Elle”

“Enticing Elle” by Erin Cawood

Blurb: The feel good, friends to lovers office romance taking readers by surprise!

Author Erin Cawood returns with a sexy stand-alone romance novel with a hot alpha male looking for Mrs. Right, and a strong willed heroine determined to avoid a; finding, b; marrying, and c; living happily ever after with Mr. Right.

Enticing Elle is a feel good friends to lovers office romance for fans of contemporary women’s fiction and falling in love with the last person you’d expect when you’d least expect it.


Actions speak louder than words.

Elle Richards never makes a mistake at work. She raised her game the moment the boss’s grandson tempted her into an ill-fated office romance. She had to combat the rumors she was sleeping her way up the corporate ladder somehow. These days, as Head of Corporate Services, Elle’s revered for her ability to achieve impeccable standards. But when it comes to love, her life’s been one train wreck after the other from the moment she gave her virginity to the wrong boy and ended up pregnant at fifteen.

When her new boss, Adam Lacey, disappears, Elle ends up in a jealousy-fuelled argument with his boss–a.k.a. her ex–right before she implicates Adam in an affair and destroys his relationship with his girlfriend. And just when Elle thinks her day can’t get any worse she ends up in the most romantic lip lock she’s ever had in her life… with Adam!

Suddenly every starry-eyed mistake she’s ever made in love is biting Elle on the ass, forcing her to question why she’d risk her reputation, career and heart on a man known whose girlfriends only last six weeks. She wouldn’t. So why does Elle challenge him to prove they have more than a six-week shelf life when she already knows his actions speak far louder than any promise he could ever make?


This is so much more than a romance, it is friendship, trust, heartbreak, humor, parenting, and LIFE…all in a beautifully touching, sometimes funny, at times heartbreaking, amazing book. Erin knocks it out of the park, again, with Enticing Elle! Elle and Adam are so d*mn perfectly imperfect they sear through the ink right into your heart… ~ MParks – Amazon Reviewer


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