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Excerpt: “Beyond Physical”

Beyond Physical by D. Pichardo-Johansson
Series: Beyond Romance #1
Published by D. Pichardo-Johansson on January 15, 2018
Genre: Mystery Romance

Someone is murdering politicians all over the country, and everything points to supernatural forces at work. But FBI agent Richard Fields has always relied on his strong sense of logic and is determined to expose the truth.

The lazy beach-town of Fort Sunshine, Florida seems to be the epicenter of a secret New Age society implicated in the murders. Richard’s way of finding the killers may end up being Dr. Joy Clayton, a woman who intrigues him. She magnetizes Richard, but he knows better than to trust someone who looks too good to be true. In order to solve the mystery, he’ll have to infiltrate himself in her life and uncover her secrets. He will also need to immerse himself in the teachings of an uncommon Spiritual Master who will shake his skeptical world.

Solving the case not only holds the future to Richard’s career, it’s also a matter of National Security. The clock is ticking before the assassins strike again. But as Richard is forced to go beyond his logic and physical senses, he may find himself fighting an enemy larger than he expected––his own demons.


At the end of the party, Richard insisted on walking Joy to her car in the dark, almost-empty parking lot.

Unlocking the car door with the remote, she turned to look at him with a sad smile. “Well, Richard, I guess this is goodbye.”

He took her hand. “Please promise me you won’t get run over by a car crossing the street the minute I’m not there to watch you.”

She laughed. “Don’t worry. I have a very efficient guardian angel. If it didn’t seem like it lately, it’s because . . . I think she took a few days off while you were here, knowing you had it all under control.”

He chuckled, but there was no joy in his voice. “Trust me. I’m no angel.”

Putting her hand on his shoulder, she softly said, “I disagree.”

They hugged. This time the hug was sad, tight, and long. Each time she tried to break the embrace, he resisted it. She had to push him softly to finally get out of his arms.

He let her move away from his chest but still held her arms. He looked at her with intensity, first at her eyes and then at her lips. He didn’t stop to think. Holding her head, he slowly leaned down and kissed her.

Time stopped. Her lips tasted of cherry and were exactly as soft and warm as he’d imagined—like in his dream. The déjà vu was so strong it was frightening. After fantasizing for months about that mouth, he’d imagined the experience would be an explosion of lust and desire, but there was something holding him back. Something he’d never experienced before in a kiss.

It was tenderness.

He’d wonder later on how so many thoughts could’ve crossed his mind in such a short time. He felt her relax in his arms. For a split second, he felt her lips parting, giving in to the kiss, and felt the distant murmur of an upcoming avalanche of passion starting to rise in him.


About D. Pichardo-Johansson

Dr. Pichardo-Johansson is a Board Certified physician practicing in Florida. Her Romance specialty is “Connection of the minds and the souls, more than only the bodies.” Her Mystery specialty is “How to murder someone and ensure a negative autopsy.”

She’s also a firm believer in the body-mind-spirit link and the healing power of laughter. Her motto is that The Best Health Booster Is Wanting to be Alive. For that reason, she only writes positive stories, uplifting for the heart.

Dr. Pichardo-Johansson is a self-proclaimed “Expert on Finding Love Against All Prognoses.” She lives in Melbourne Beach, Florida with her Soulmate Husband—a reformed eternal bachelor turned into happy stepfather—and her four children, including twins and a child with special needs.

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