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COVER REVEAL: “The Sacrifices of Life”


Title: The Sacrifices Of Life

Series: Working Girls #3

Author: K.L. Humphreys

Release Date: May 23rd

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romance

Cover Design: Under Cover Designs



Sacrifices: we never know how much we’ll have to give up. Katy Akers dreams of college and a shiny future were ripped away when her brother was stabbed to death. Drowning in despair since her family was destroyed and her life turned upside down, she takes the only job she can—she becomes a stripper. Amidst the turmoil, a beacon of light shines through her dark world – Owen Hughes. But when Katy finds out about Owen’s past, the light she desires flickers right before her eyes. Now she’ll have to make the decision of her life; will she fight for her happiness or fall back into the darkness?


Book 1: The Secrets Of Life –

Book 2: The Scandals Of Life –

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