The Thrill of Having Deadlines and Why I Love Them

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!  All deadlines are meant for a reason, whether it be meant for work, school, or even for your personal gratification.  A lot of people do not like having deadlines, though a lot of people thrive on them, and I’m one of them.

When I’m trying to meet a writing deadline, I tend to work really hard at first, but then I get a little burnt out, so I take a day, two, or five off.  I give myself time to reevaluate the piece and think about the storyline, the characters, what should be changed, deleted, and added.  A couple of days before the deadline, I then begin writing my heart out until, very happily, I meet the goal.

I also must say, and this goes out to a few people who call me an “overachiever,” I’m not that at all.  I have been known to turn my work in early, but I would prefer to be ahead of schedule.  I (try to) keep a tight schedule, and not just follow it, but stay way in front of needs to get done.

My advice: (1) Make a schedule, and put writing time on your calendar.  (2) Take it day by day and page by page.  (3) Don’t stress.  (4) Try not to edit until you’re finished writing, because this can lead to distractions.  (5) Submit your work, and pat yourself on the back for doing a job well done!


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