THE END!  How can two short words, cause so much trouble for a writer?

Earlier in today, as I sat here on this snow day, I  was faced with a writing assignment that is due on Wednesday.  I was racking my brain on how to begin the ending paragraph/scene of my book.  This is impossible, I thought.  I don’t even know the ending, at least right now, because the more I write, the more things change, along with the ending.  I’ve come so far, (over 50,100 words), that what I thought would be my end, isn’t that way anymore.  Finally, after about two hours, I finally decided to go the “Internal Change” way, and wrote what I thought was a nice ending to my book.  It showed how my Heroine had grown up, and how though life threw in a few curve balls, life has a way of working out.

I’m curious, how have you/are you/did you write your ending to a book?

Happy Writing!


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