PC, Not Anymore…Hello, Mac…Well, Maybe!

As a follow-up to my blog on Friday, I would like so add that I (think) I have found the perfect writing software, thanks to one of  my favorite writing buddies, (who was also the Best Man in my wedding).

The well-known writing software, “Scrivener,” (http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php),  seems to be a very useful and manageable for writers.  The reviews, even by highly recognized writers, all appear to be legit.  I don’t need to take the time to tell you every detail, as I’m hoping you’ll click the link to check it out.  Our of many, what seems most helpful to me would definitely be the Corkboard, Outlining, and Editing features.  It would also be nice to see the story side-by-side , especially when editing!  (I’m hoping to start that process by the beginning of April).  Unfortunately, a big change might have to be made, in order to have the software — I have a PC and it requires Mac, at least until early this year, (http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivenerforwindows/).

I’m tempted to change to from a PC to a Mac, as I’ve heard wonderful things about Mac’s software and products, (I just recently changed from a Blackberry to an iPhone and have an iPad, — love them both), but is it worth it?  Any thoughts?

For now, (or at least until my birthday in March), I will probably be sticking with a PC, and will be waiting to get Scrivener for the PC…that is, if I don’t get a Mac on what will be my 30th birthday (a monumental occasion, right), or convince me to let me use his MacBook Air.

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “PC, Not Anymore…Hello, Mac…Well, Maybe!

  1. Yes, it’s worth it, go Mac if you can. As for writer’s software. I’d give Storyist a shot..once with a Mac you can try all for free.

    Good luck

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