Writing On Snow Days!

So, since early Tuesday morning, Dallas has been hit by snow!  I’m not talking less than an inch, like we typically get (even when we do get “snow”), I’m talking up to 7-inches in some places! Everyone is tired of the cold, tired of their child’s school being closed (though I’m sure the kids are loving it), and are literally going stir crazy!  The weather is even a much bigger topic than the Super Bowl being hosted here!  (GO PACKERS!!!)

I, on the other hand, have been grateful for these very productive SNOW DAYS!  I have written and have worked like crazy, thanks to being forced to stay inside and stare at the computer.  I have put all my scenes into chapters, which was fun because it showed me just how far I’ve come with my story.

So, for my writer friends who are stuck inside, due to the large amount of snow, stop complaining, and WRITE!



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