Do You Reward Yourself?

Do you make writing deadlines?  If so, do you reward yourself after making it?

I’m about to finish what I hope will be my first published book, and I’m already thinking of how I’m going to reward myself.  Like I’ve posted on my blogs before, my deadline is on my 30th birthday — 16 days away, (PANIC)!  The fact that I will be able to say, “I wrote a book,” is going to be awesome, but what else do I get from saying that, what is my reward?  Since the editing process and finding someone to want my book, it probably won’t be published anytime soon, I’m in need of something to keep me going, and able to write my second book.

As I write this, I’m curious as to why saying it isn’t enough for me?  Is it the fact that I want people to see me in a different light, rather than just a daughter, a wife, and sister?

What did you do to celebrate finishing your first book?


4 thoughts on “Do You Reward Yourself?

  1. LOL…Besides breathing a huge sigh of relief, not much. I probably should, but I’m one of those writers who find myself constantly going back to it to tweek it here, snip it there, chop it in half, toss the whole thing in a bonfire and start over again over and over again. I guess I’ll never really be satisfied until an editor says, “STOP, I LIKE IT ALREADY.”

    Congratulations, btw. What kind of book is it? I love connecting with authors, which is the reason for this blog. Personally I write Fantasy.

    • Thank you so much for your comment!

      I can definitely relate to the “STOP, I LIKE IT ALREADY,” way of thinking. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to things like that, so I’m sure that when it’s time for the editing process, I’ll be the same way!

      I am a writing Chick Lit novel. Some people aren’t familiar with it, but it’s a sub-genre in Romance! 🙂

  2. I do the same thing. Still editing my last book to death, I don’t think I’ll ever be completely happy with it.

    I do make deadlines for myself, there is a large writers convention this spring in Boston that I want to present my book at. Right now that is my current deadline but I’ve been slacking because the book is technically done. Some scenes just need to be tweaked and tidied up.

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