The Title Of…Your Book!

Last year, at the very beginning of my book, I had a title for my book.  It was going to be Second Thoughts of the Sexless Fiancée, but then the characters began “speaking,” and thing changed drastically.  Now, I’m writing the end of my book and I still don’t have a title!  Yes, I could just call it “Book 1,” but who wants that on the cover of their first book?  I certainly don’t.  I have put my heart and soul into this book, and I think that it deserves to have something really catchy, along the same lines as it was originally named.  I’m not saying that the title has to grab the reader, though that would be nice, but I’m really thinking about the characters and the story that I think needs to be told.

So, tonight I’m wondering, how do you come up with titles of your books?


10 thoughts on “The Title Of…Your Book!

  1. I sometimes use a line from the story that I like. I often do not find a title until I reach the end. I find that eventually when the right title comes I know it immediately. Good luck.

  2. For me, a lot of my ideas come from music, so sometimes a song title or a lyric from a song will become the title. Do any of your stories have a specific song? Maybe something about a certain song fits with the storyline? I started writing a story I titled Bookends from the Simon and Garfunkle song. The only relationship to the song in the book is the title, which is the name of the bookstore the heroine owns.

    Hope that helps.

  3. When I write, generally the title is the first thing I come up with, and I build a story that I can only hope will live up to it. I’ve found inspiration from lines of poetry, song lyrics, and other works. It’s not always a direct lift, but seeking out the words of others always inspires me to create my own.

    It’s a great question: what’s in a title? How should an author title a book? Some are named after a character. Some are titled after a central theme. Some are named according to the setting. Some have a title that seems completely random. What makes it important? You’ve certainly given me something to think (and write) about.

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