Writing THE END!

When I began writing my book, I really never thought that it would turn into a book.  That was not my intention, at least at that time.  I was taking online writing classes and was just doing my assignments, but then something happened — I couldn’t stop!  My characters were beginning to be my friends, and I knew their secrets.  Like with friends, we had our disagreements and didn’t always get along, and sometimes we didn’t talk to each other for days, even weeks at the most, but we always came back together.  Not only my characters, but also the storyline I was creating, followed me wherever I went — it was all I thought about.  As the words kept flowing, the story began to go somewhere, and just like that, I was halfway, and then I was three-quarters of the way finished…

Now, as my deadline nears, I find that I’m having trouble writing the ending.  Maybe it’s because I don’t know, because I haven’t ever written one, but I think it goes deeper than that.  I really think that I’m not wanting to say my goodbyes to my “friends,” and I certainly don’t want the storyline to end, I want to know what happens to them!  Yes, I’m sure that it sound selfish, but this is the first book I’ve ever written.  My deadline is 13 days away, and I know I’ll make it, but until then, I’ll be loving the heart out of writing my book!



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