I WROTE A BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Less than five minutes ago, I finished writing what I hope will be my first book!  I’m still not knowing how or what to feel…I’m blank, or as an alias, known as “Exhausted.”

Now, my plan is to have two weeks off of writing — one week of doing nothing with the editing of this story, and then one week of beginning my second one, which I’ve already written the prologue to.

Life is awesome tonight…though I’m as nervous as hell!

Help, to those who have written a book — What does it feel like to you?


18 thoughts on “I WROTE A BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. After I’d finished my soon-to-be-published book, the revisions were actually fun. Then, the wait while my editor did her work…

    Then the final revisions and, how do I feel?

    A bit of I-can’t-believe-it mixed with a lot of way-to-go and it’s-about-time 🙂

    • Thank you, and congratulations to you! I am SO looking forward to the editing part. My plan is to start in two weeks, which will give myself time to not be too close, at least right now.

      It really hasn’t hit me yet, and my husband has told me to not do any writing today and to just relax. I must admit that I’m itching to start Book #2, but I think it would be best to do so with a clear mind. 🙂

  2. It’s a wonderful feeling 🙂

    I’m just finishing the editing process on my book, I think that took longer than the original writing. I can safely say I went over every word, phrase and paragraph with a fine tooth comb.

    Congratulations and well done!

    • Thank you so much for you comment!

      I’m still not believing that I actually finished, that the “wonderful feeling” hasn’t come yet, but hopefully soon, it will hit me. 🙂

      As for the editing process, I’m really excited about it. I am sure that I will be the kind of editor like you, word for word.

      Good luck with your editing!

  3. It was around 11pm when I finished my first book. The kids were all sleeping and my husband was watching tv. When the last word was typed I just stared at the screen like an idiot. I thought I was seeing things. I couldn’t have been done? Just like that. Done. After all that time and its over with that last word.

    I pushed away from the dining room table, which serves as my desk, and slowly walked into the living room. With every other step I looked back at the table to make sure that the computer was still there, maybe it was all a dream?

    My husband looked up and saw my deer in headlights look and asked, “is it done?” I blinked a couple of times and slowly shook my head up and down.

    Then all hell broke loose. I jumped, I screamed, I even cried a little. God knows I laughed like a loon. It was one of the best feelings I ever had. I just kept on repeating “I wrote a book. Like an actual book! Begininning, middle and end.” I think I rambled that a good 15 times in a row then moving on to other jibberish that I can’t remember. I knew that it was just the beginning that I’d have months of editing and revisions, but at that moment none of that matter. I set out to write a book and damn it, I did it.

    It’s an awesome feeling so CONGRATULATIONS! I hope this book is the one for you, but if not, there are other stories that need you to tell them. Best of luck!

  4. Butterflies danced in my belly just for you. I have never completely finished anything except for a few short stories, so kudos! Good for you for having the determination to complete such an extraordinary project. Someday I hope to feel the joy and nervousness and excitement you must be feeling right now. Congrats!

  5. I still don’t know what it feels like to finish a book, but I definitely know the amazing thought of completing a chapter! 😀 I hope to know what it feels like soon enough, though, but I’m in no hurry. My own mother-as far as I know-as not even read my attempts at writing. Though I have the feeling she reads it behind my back… As I said before, I don’t know the feeling of finishing an actual book, but I know the feeling of caring so much about a story that I rewrote it three times, only to still believe it wasn’t good enough.

    But, eh, who cares? I’m still, as far as I know and care, the best writer in my class! 😀 CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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