Book 2

Hello, Book #2 (Somewhere Down In Texas)! As I begin writing you, I want you to know that I am going to write you very differently, than with Book #1 (Redefined Dreams). I’m going to do my best to organize you as best as I know how, pay closer attention your characters and words, though I will care for you just as much, as I did when I wrote my first book. Also, this time, I will be using Scrivener, which I’m hoping will be helpful!

I feel though as if I’ve grown from way back when, from when I first began, in March of 2010. Whether it be knowing the difference between “passed” and “past,” the layout of writing a MS, or learning to deal with the daily pressures of getting it done, this time I know what to expect. I’m willing to take the challenges that are ahead, and even push myself more, whereas I didn’t in the year process of the first book.

My goal for finishing Somewhere Down In Texas is December 12th…


2 thoughts on “Book 2

  1. Good luck to you! Thanks for sharing. I just checked out Scrivener very briefly and it looks like such a great tool to organize your writing. I too am a reader and writer and will definitely be coming back soon to check out your blog. Thanks again!

    • Thank you for your comment! My best writing friend introduced it to me, and it’s because of that program that I’ve become a Mac fan! So far, I’ve found it to be pretty cool and easy to use, though I know that right now I’m just at the basics.

      Good luck to you and your writing, and I look forward to you coming back! 🙂

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