The Romance Writer and The Royals…

Any little girl, at some point in their life, wanted to, or still wants to be Cinderella.  Haven’t we imagined the guy we’re dating, (at least once) being our real Prince Charming?  Don’t we all want a Fairy Godmother to come and stir up magic, and turn our toads into a Prince?  The answer is simple, yes!

Before Diana became one of the most famous women in the world, she was a schoolteacher, just an everyday woman.  Diana, Princess of Wales gave women hope that just because they weren’t born into being a member of The Royal Family and marrying someone down the line, that true love was possible.  Princess Diana is iconic and one of the most famous one who was once a part of the British family.  Though her marriage to Prince Charles ended, thanks to the okay from the Queen of England, she still gives women the hope that your Prince is really out there, even if you are a what people call just a “normal” person.

Prince William, the son first son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, will be marrying Kate Middleton on Friday, April 29th, of this year.  These two seem to be the modern-day Royal couple.  They have been friends, a couple, friends again, and now they are engaged, which is the talk of every news broadcast I turn to.  What is she going to be wearing?  Who is invited?  How many dressed Kate will change into?  All of this is somehow news, but the thing that so many are forgetting, is that these two really seem to be in love, and that’s one thing I haven’t forgotten.  I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness, and hope that the “Royal Curse” had ended…

Today I came across THIS article about how The Royal Family has sparked the imagination of romance writers.  I have read several books, mainly by Philippa Gregory, who wrote about the King Henry VIII days, and I’ve learned a lot.  Yes, it was mostly fiction, but can’t we all say that some of fiction can be true?  Hundreds of years from now, we might be able to say that Prince William was King William with Princess Kate.  Romance readers will be able to pick up the books we’re writing now, our Hero and Heroine who are mainly based on the soon to be bride and groom.

I ask you, what King/Prince and Princess/Queen/Everyday woman would you base your romance on?

In closing, I hope you find your  Prince, and your glass slipper…


6 thoughts on “The Romance Writer and The Royals…

  1. Royal romance definitely sparks an interest in people beyond the little girl princess fantasies. It’s interesting to see people in extraordinary positions do the same things that we do. It makes us feel connected. I remember watching Princess Diana’s wedding as a kid and my daughter wants to watch this wedding. And I’m sure she’ll be entertained. Why not? It’s better than any Disney movie because it’s all true and no woodland creatures will be bursting into song. (Though she might like that.)

  2. What a great post! Everywhere I turn, it’s another article, picture or interview about the Royal Wedding to be in June 2011; but you are so right. Every girl dreams of thier Prince and perfect wedding a la Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White. I know I love the idea of happily ever after and dreams come true….thanks for posting!!

  3. Wonderful post as always, Chauncey! I used to have a poster of Princess Di and Prince Charles in my room and like a lot of little girls during that time dreamed about her prince charming. Although real life doesn’t always end up being a fairytale, it’s nice to have dreams and fantasies. We’d be out of a job if we didn’t. 🙂

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