The Blank Page & Writer’s Block

Writers all start with a blank page, but how do we get from there to writing the words, THE END?  We write, word after word, and page after page.  As the page count goes up, most times, so does the writer’s confidence about their story and that’s when we seem to be more productive, at least that’s how it is when I write.  (Yes, I know I should focus more on the story itself, rather than the page count, but it’s just one more way the helps keep me motivated).

Of course, every writer has problems with the blank page, when it stares back at you, as long as the blinking cursor, like I’ve mentioned in several other blogs.  Writer’s Block can instantly sneak up behind you.  It’s like amnesia taking over your brain, right in the middle of a brilliant thought.  I don’t know about you, but I hate when this happens — my brain can only think so fast, with my fingers following behind, which can cause Internet Distractions.

In the end, once you get past Writer’s Block, will be your next enemy, will be the Blank Page, and I wish you luck.  HERE is a blog that I recently wrote that I think might help you.

Good luck on your writing journey!


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