It’s Fun Friday

Today Prince William and Kate Middleton were married!  I had set my alarm for 2:50 this morning to watch the Royal Wedding, but thanks to getting little sleep this week, I decided to record the historical event and watch it later.  I’m glad I did, because it gave me a chance to really focus on it.  The moment my husband left for work, I started watching it!  With very few commercials, the Today Show has very well hosted the six-hour affair.

At the beginning of the wedding and the music began, and I saw Prince William and his brother Prince Harry, as they were chauffeured to Westminster Abbey.  (That’s when I began to cry).  Both of them held their heads high and waived to the crowed, the whole way there.  Nerves didn’t seem to get the best of either of them, as they both were all smiles.

When we saw Kate getting in the car with her father, that’s when we got a slight glance at Kate’s wedding dress.  On their way to Westminster Abbey, she too, waived to the crowds.  It was one of the many ways she was meant to be a Princess, and eventually, a Queen.  Like Prince William, she didn’t look nervous either, but rather calm and excited.  (I’d be excited too if I were marrying into Royalty).  

As she walked down the extensive red carpeted isle, which took four minutes, she was beaming, she was ready to see her prince!  Her smile radiated the feel of this lavish wedding.  She walked gracefully at her father’s side, and  allowed her beautiful Sarah Burton dress to flow.  (Some people think that her dress wasn’t fancy or full enough, but I think that it was perfect for her — Princess Kate).

At the alter, it was obvious that these two were meant for one another.  It’s also to be said that while up there, the Prince said, “You’re beautiful” to his bride.  (I know, tears).  There was a calmness about them when they said the vows to each other and it was as if they really meant it and take their marriage seriously, as one should.

At the end of the day, and with some thousands of people watching from below the famous balcony and those who were watching from their TV or computers, everyone was waiting for the famous kiss, from the newlyweds.  It’s known that Prince William is very shy and doesn’t like PDA, but their kisses, yes, there were two, seemed very sweet and tender.  (I even think that he blushed a little bit, when she laughed).  They were so adorable together, as they stood there let the crowed cheer for them.  (I’ll be cheering for them forever).

I wish these two a lifetime of love and happiness!


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