Chick Lit Writing Contest

Fears. We all have them when we write, but I’d say that my greatest fear is entering a contest. I have often thought about entering a contest and this year I think I might, only after seeing THIS blog.

Some might think that writing a book is something to be more afraid of, but I disagree and here’s why:

1: The Anxiousness: I am a worrier, so turning in something to win terrifies me! I’d be panicking from the time I send off my work to the time I hear any type of result.

2: The Requirements: Again with the worry, no matter how many time I check over what is required and how and what’s required of me, I (think) that I’m bound to not do something right, which might mean that I’d be disqualified — not cool on my part!

3: The Work: I am not the best writer, but by submitting work into a contest, it makes me want to be a better writer. My ideas that I come up with aren’t easy, but once I got going (sometimes) I can’t stop.

4: Confidence: Since writing and completing my book I have come a long way and I have confidence in my work and want to share my work. I want to be known so what better way to get my work out there than to say I’ve entered and won a contest? Nothing at all!

On a final note, I encourage you to enter (a) writing contest(s) for fun! Go for it and give it a try! I will if you will!


2 thoughts on “Chick Lit Writing Contest

  1. I have always wanted to enter this contest – but and this is a big BUT – I still have yet to complete a manuscript; I think you should definitely enter!! I mean, really, how many contests are available in the chick lit genre specifically? I think it would be a fantastic opportunity to get yourself out there. Let us know:)

  2. I have several writer friends who rock the contest circuit. They are getting well-known to agents and other writing peeps that can only help them on their journey.

    So, I agree. Overcome your fears and give a contest a try. You just never know…

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