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The Right Design

I’m sorry I’m just now getting to post this, but ti’s been a busy few days!  Anyway, like I promised last week, here are the details of my second book, The Right Design!  When I was writing this book, I didn’t tell anyone what it was about because it was my baby and until it was finished, I wanted the ideas to come from me and only me – I didn’t want to be persuaded by anyone.  Now that I’ve finally named my book, I’m excited to share what it’s about, so here goes:

The Right Design

It’s interior designer Carrie Newman’s six year anniversary with her boyfriend, Roger.  Before leaving for work that morning, he gives her a little blue box, but when Carrie opens it up, it’s not what she thinks (and hopes) that it would be.  Later thad day when she comes home early to prepare a surprise for him, she’s shocked to find him in a very erotic position with another woman on their kitchen counter.  Devistated and heartbroken, Carrie ends their relationship and moves in with her sister and brother in-law, Sara and Sean.  It’s not too soon after that does Sara announce that she’s pregnant, and Carrie thinks it’s time to get her life back on track, so she makes an announcement of her own – she’s moving to Florida!

Carrie finds herself living a whole new life, working at another highly established interior decorating firm.  Her first job since moving to Florida is to update Brad Larson’s mansion.  There is instant attraction between them, but Carrie is a firm believer of not mixing business with pleasure, but Brad does everything he can to change her mind.  After fighting her feelings, Carrie finally surrenders and allows herself to feel something for him, but the morning after they sleep together the first time, Brad walks in on Carrie at her office and catches Roger and her in a kiss.

…and cut!

That’s all you get to know until the book’s published!

Do you like the storyline?  Who do you think Carrie will end up with, or will she forget them both and move on to someone new?

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