This Rock In My Heart

Book Review for “This Rock In My Heart”

“This Rock In My Heart” by Tommie Vaughn

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Frankie Spencer needed a new start.  What did she turn to?  Music – her passion and her therapy!  Fresh out of a bad relationship, she decides to start a new life for herself.  When she gets a job at a very popular recording studio, she meets new people and makes friends, where she dances along to where the music leads her.  By the end of the book, she’s made her dreams into a reality.

This Rock In My Heart is the first book in the Frankie Spencer Series.  This book was quite a whirl of ups and downs, but through it all Frankie didn’t back down.  She’s tough, yet seems shy, too.  Her character was very well written; one I can see how a lot of women could relate with.  The friends and people she meets along the way help shape her into a woman very liked person, giving off the girl next-door image (rocker type, of course).  When finished with this book, I came away feeling confidant and ready to take on the world – thanks to Frankie!  This book would be great for any woman who wants or needs a fresh start.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars!

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**Read my Q & A with the author HERE!


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