Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop


The Love Life’s of Carrie Newman and Princess Fiona

Have you ever fallen in love with and/or married someone you didn’t think you would? Well, Carrie Newman from my book, “The Right Design” surely did, and so did Princess Fiona from the movies “Shrek.”

When Carrie met Brad, and Princess Fiona met Shrek, neither of them liked one another. Brad had an arrogant way about him, while Shrek was hardly anyone Fiona wanted to spend her time with.

…though, with time, things can change when it comes to love…


Carrie was in love with her boyfriend Roger, and she thought she’d marry him. Wanting to surprise him by making his sexy fantasy come to life, she walked in on him getting it on with someone else. So, after six years of being with him, she decides to pick up her life, leaving him, along with a chance at being a design firm partner behind her.

…So, what does Carrie do? She leaves Texas, heads to Florida, and starts another job. What she doesn’t expect is to meet her client before she gets hired at a reputable design firm, to design the interior of his home…

Shrek&FionaLike Fiona, Carrie doesn’t get along with Brad at first, but they do try their best to get along, (Carrie designing Brad’s million-dollar home, and Fiona being dragged by Shrek, to marry a king, Lord Farquaad).


Shrek&FionaBeachAs time changes, like Fiona and Shrek (it’s all about a kiss), Carrie and Brad (Brad saves the day, especially when she needs him the most) fall madly in love with one another!

 * * * * *

Carrie Newman vs. Princess Fiona:

  • Which woman would do anything to defend their man? Both! Carrie and Fiona are very loyal to Brad and Shrek, and would do anything for them.
  • Which woman would do better in a mud wrestling contest? That would definitely be Fiona.
  • Who would stay loyal to who they are, no matter if it involves risking their heart? Both! Fiona knows the risks of kissing Shrek, because it would make her an ogre like him. As for Carrie, she’s very determined not to let her heart take over when it comes to her work boundaries. However, both women pick love, making Fiona into an ogre, and Carrie crosses the lines when she falls in love with her client, (however, what will she do when her ex-fiance shows up at her doorstep?).
  • Which would be best seen at business meeting, dressed in designer clothes? That would be Carrie. While she thrives on fashion for homes, she tries to always look her best.

* * * * *


To read Carrie’s story, get “The Right Design” now! Amazon

* * * * *

Magic Morsels**GRAND PRIZE**

 The grand prize for this hop is the Congratulations Magic Morsels 48 Gift Box from Fairytale Brownies http://www.brownies.com/, which includes a bite-size assortment (Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Original, Raspberry Swirl, Walnut, Cream Cheese) of 48 delicious gourmet brownies!

** US residents only!

**A winner will be selected at random and announced on Monday, February 16th.
**See other stops to have a greater opportunity to win:

Christine Ardigo   Glynis Astie   Heather Balog   Tracie Banister   Laura Chapman

Jayne Denker   Whitney Dineen   DelSheree Gladden   Kat Halstead   Cindi Madsen

Jennie Marts   Robyn Neeley   Engy Neville   Colleen Oakes   Katie Oliver   Fern Ronay

Meredith Schorr   Laina Turner

* * * * *

To enter to win on the Chick Lit Goddess blog, answer the following question: What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

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12 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop

  1. To me, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to express to all of our loved ones how much they mean to us and how much we love them. My husband and I have been married for 48 years and we enjoy making a card for each other. Some of them are really risqué (yes at our age!). Hope our kids don’t find them after we’re gone. Or, why not. At least they’ll know that Mom and Dad loved each other. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. 🙂 Connie Fischer/conniecape@aol.com

  2. Valentine’s Day to me is just a chance for card companies, florists and chocolatiers to make more money. I prefer to share my love with my husband every day of the year, rather than making a big, showy production of it on February 14th. Last year I was finally able to convince him that I MEANT it when I said I didn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day…..only took me ten years of marriage! LOL

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  5. Valentines Day is a fun way for people to express their love and appreciation for each other…..thats what it means to me….

  6. Hi! To me, Valentines is a way for people to commercial on others love. Valentines sould be about celebrating all the small things, having each other, love, romance. Just being with that special someone, waking up to them, etc. Thank you! Hope you had an amazing weekend!

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