October Guest Blogger: Georgina Troy

Why I Love the Fall (or Autumn)

I live on an island off the coast of France called Jersey and all my books in my Jersey Scene series are based here on the island as well as another location. In fact, we’re so close to France that I can see the lights on the coast of Normandy in France from my bedroom window at night. Jersey is also known as a ‘holiday isle’ and so during the summer the place receives many visitors and a lot of them are family and friends living elsewhere who come here to enjoy the weather and our beaches.

So, after a long and usually hectic summer, on the one hand it’s sad to bid farewell to all my visitors, but on the other hand it means that fall, or autumn as we know it here, is a time for slowing down, for reflection, and for enjoying still warm days before the darker nights draw in and winter descends on us properly.

I enjoy not having to race out after months of events all over the island but being able to sit at home relaxing and catching up with my reading – I review books for Novelicious.com – and with the writing of my contemporary romances and my historical romances written in the name Deborah Carr and generally enjoying the peace and quiet.

I also love my garden and the changing colours in the trees and hedgerows. Here’s a picture of my driveway taken earlier today. Within a week or so this red ivy will drop and there’ll be no colour left and I’ll know that winter is well and truly on its way. On 30 October, our clocks go back one hour, which means the mornings will be darker to match the darker evenings. But for the time being, I’m enjoying the colours, the peace, and the vivid beauty of the fall.


**About the author: Georgina Troy lives in Jersey, an island fifteen miles off the coast of France. She’s a hopeless romantic and when Georgina realized that no one else wrote romances set in her island home with its beautiful wind-swept beaches and intriguing inhabitants, she decided she had to provide some. Her books are published by Accent Press.

The Jersey Scene series books 1 – 4 are out now: A Jersey Kiss, A Jersey Affair, A Jersey Dreamboat and A Jersey Bombshell

**Contact Georgina: Amazon Author Page   Twitter   Facebook


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