Country Writing/Beach Writing/Lazy Weekend Writing


Some of my best writing has been done while in the country.  While I’m being surrounded amongst trees, dirt roads, birds, goats and cows, I am in what I call my “happy place.”  My writing is smooth, my characters seem happy, and the storyline moves along at a steady pace.  Unfortunately, Mr. Writer’s Block sometimes decides to join me and view the countryside, but when I’m there, I don’t mind.  I take a breath, walk around, and then come back to it, not having it ruffled my feathers.



When I go on beach vacations, the first thing I pack is my laptop, knowing that I’ll be able to get some work done, while lounging under an umbrella and sipping on strawberry daiquiri!  I’ve noticed that when I write at the beach, it seems to be very different from the day-to-day writing that I do when I’m not on vacation.  It is silly to say, but the beach brings out my erotica side.  My scenes are a lot more steamier, my characters are almost always “in the mood,” and thanks to the inspiration of the lovey-dovey couples that I observe, it helps me stay focused on my work.



These days are my most favorite.  I seem to be focused on writing, and nothing else, (though I first make sure that the husband and cat are fed).  When it’s a lazy day and I’m focused on my work, it’s amazing at what gets done, and how everything just seems to come together.  I could have done nothing all week, and come to the computer for two straight days and catch up, sometimes even writing five days worth!  (On Saturday and Sunday, I have to thank my husband for his encouragement to wake up early and write).

I’m curious…what and where is your “HAPPY PLACE?”


3 thoughts on “Country Writing/Beach Writing/Lazy Weekend Writing

  1. I am currently looking for my happy place to write. As of right now my desk is my dining room table which is not at all conducive to a proper writing environment. However, this coming June we’re spending a quiet week down at the Outer Banks. I have always loved the water and I’m looking forward to sitting on our deck overlooking the ocean and just writing.

    There is something about the sounds, smells and sights of the beach that relax me like no other.

    My husband and I are also taking a 13 day excursion around Ireland this fall. I’ve heard such wonderful things about the country and I’ve always wanted to go. When I think of Ireland I think of magic and I’m hoping to find some when we visit.

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