Write This Way…

You must write this way...no, this way! BOTH ARE WRONG!

Most writers want to learn how to be a writer, right?  With all the books and websites that are accessible, shouldn’t every book that is written be published by now?  Shouldn’t the wanna’ be writers be famously known like Shakespeare, Poe, Salinger, Blume, Steel, King, just to name a few?  My bookshelves are filled with “how to” books on writing, but am I published?  No.  One thing that I’ve noticed with all of these are the title of the books; they grab you right away!  Yes, that’s the point of them, but shouldn’t what’s behind the flaps be the main selling point of an instructional or guide?  Every author or co-author has their own style of saying how to write and get published.  I have read and tried my best to follow their advice but nothing has helped.


On Saturday night I started Stephen King’s book “On Writing: A Memoir on the Craft,” a book that has been recommended for emerging and current writers.  After reading only a few chapters, I was hooked on this book.  THIS is the book that will teach you how to be a writer.  “Why,” you ask?  Because he’s not saying do this or do that, no.  He’s simply telling you his story and how he began writing.  Currently I’m only on chapter nineteen (each chapter very short, 3-4 pages at the most), but I am truly in love with this book.  His story gives me inspiration and confidence to write…MY WAY!  That’s what I’ve learned, to write one way, MY WAY!  

The following are some tips that I want to share with you.  Some of these have been given to me (thank you to my writer friends) or I had to learn (sometimes the hard way):

  • WRITE WITHOUT EDITING!  Write a lot!  It doesn’t matter what you write or how amazing or horrible it might be, just do it!  You can always go back and edit or get an editor
  • Share you work!  Don’t be afraid to have people (friends, family and/or writing pals) read over your work.  Often times they will suggest something that will click and will give you insight or advice, sometimes that you didn’t even know you needed
  • It’s okay to have Writer’s Block — I did when I was writing my 1st book, and quite often!  I would write day after day and I would be on a roll, and the next thing I knew the cursor would be staring back at me asking, “Where’d you go, lady?  Come on, write!”
  • If you use a computer, click “save” a lot!  Just trust me on this one!
To close, I encourage you to learn to be a writer, your way.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Write This Way…

  1. Hi there,

    Sorry I’ve been missing in action. Editing my brains out to get my book out to the editor who requested it…aagghh!!

    Wonderful advice and SO true. Like you, I have tons of books on how to write and get published and nothing seemed to work until I stumbled upon the same advice you did. Write your way.

    Another point to add to your list: Don’t be afraid to tweak your way. It’s a never ending process and can change with each book you write.

    Important to remember you’ve come a long way in the short time you’ve been a writer! That in itself is success.

  2. I know you are right in the middle of NaNoWriMo, hope your writing is going well. Loved your post on all the books on writing. I like Stephen King’s book, however, he talks about not using adverbs. I’m sorry, but I love adverbs, and I’m going to keep using them.

    Your tip on saving frequently is HUGE! Learned the hard way on that. 🙂

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