Fun Friday

When I was a kid I loved to play games, especially board games.  Now when you think of board games, you would usually think of Monopoly, Sorry, Scrabble, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Mouse Trap, right?  But it’s 2011 and since late last year, my husband and I have started to have games nights and quite often.  I have refound my love for playing board games!

Of all the games we’ve played, Settlers of Catan is my absolute favorite game, even over Scrabble, the famous word game.  When the guys suggested that I play this game with them, I thought they were crazy.  I looked through the instruction manual and was shocked to see that it was over ten pages!  Ten pages of instructions for a game?  No thank you!  Why on earth would I play this game?  The first night I played with my husband, brother and our friend Wade.  The game is about trading and having a good hand, consisting of resources (bricks, sheep, stone and wood), in order to build roads, settlements and cities.  I know some people don’t find any of this interesting, but I once felt the same way.  I was soon obsessed with this game and begged my husband to play it with me, even the boring two player version.  He laughed and staggered himself to the bookshelf, pulled out the game and began to set it up.  (I was one happy wife).  A few nights later, we played this with another friend who hasn’t yet played this game, “Oh yay, we get to play Catan!”  That night the friend became so obsessed with this game, that we played five games that night.  Finally, someone was loving the game as much as I did.  After playing about twenty, yes twenty games, I still hadn’t won and was beginning to get very frustrated.  Evan the first time we taught my brother, he won that night!  Really?  Now I was really getting mad.  Finally after playing for about four months, I finally won, though it was only against my husband who knows strategies and has really good luck, I felt that it was still damn awesome!

Weeks later, I’m still in love with the game and have even had dreams about bricks, sheep, stone and wood; it’s obvious that I play the game a lot.  There are expansion packages you can get to add to the game.  HERE they are.



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