Writing Backwards

I have two Booth reviews in my Gotham Writers’ Workshop mystery class, each consisting of at least 3,750 words.  My first Booth submission isn’t due until the middle of November but since I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month, I thought that it would be a good idea to get ahead on some projects that might conflict with NaNoWriMo.  Anyway after a sudden thought of a story, I jotted down some notes and thought I really had something.  After completing a few other items on my To Do list, it was time to start my murder mystery!

I finished the night with over 1,300 words and love what I’ve written so far.  After closing my laptop off for the night I thought of the next few events, but don’t know how to write from A to Z, but rather from Z to A.  Have you ever wanted to write the story backwards?  I’m seriously considering this!  BUT HOW?  Do I write line by line, from ending to beginning, or Scene Z to Scene A?  Have any of you done this before, or even thought about doing this?  I know it sounds crazy, right, but for you writers, is it really that insane?  You know how it is, Mr./Mrs. Writer’s Block comes for a visit and won’t go back home until you’ve had some time to mull and stress over until it hits you, and you beginning writing like a mad woman or man.

As I write this I’m beginning to think I’ve lost my mind and have too many things on my plate, but really it’s not that bad.  (See THIS blog for what I have coming up during the month of November).

Any backwards writing comments or advice are much welcomed!


2 thoughts on “Writing Backwards

  1. I’ve never written backwards per se, but I have written scenes from various places (start, middle, end) of a book, expanding it as the scenes and characters grew. This was long before I started plotting out my stories.

    It’s a good way to start working on the idea of the story without waiting to outline etc, but I found myself getting lost or not being able to easily piece the whole story together.

    I wouldn’t recommend using it to write a whole book, however it’s good for brainstorming and unwraveling what your characters would do in certain sitations or visa versa.

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