Looking Over Your NaNoWriMo For The First Time

Everyone who’s participated in National Novel Writing Month-and won, they all say to step away from it for a few months before getting back into it to start working on the edits.  They say to give yourself, and your characters, some breathing.  I took their advice and I’ve had a blast.  While I’ve thought about the thought of finishing my book and have told some about it, I’ve really not thought about what the characters went through during my time with them…that is until now.

For the first time since November 30th, I opened my NaNoWriMo book today.  I read the first few pages and I was hooked!  Damn, this is some good stuff I wrote!  I stopped reading and decided to start editing using “comments”  in Word.  Once I got started, I couldn’t stop.  I was on a roll and was loving it!  While right now I’m only on page 8 and have 112 comments (a lot, I know), I’m excited about where this 2nd draft is going.  While it’s not the easiest job to do (edit), I’m enjoying it.

As for what I plan to do with this still untitled book when I’m finished, I know I’ve told you that I’ve planned on self-publishing, I just might seriously think about sending this to publishers!  Wish me luck!

What do you think?  What would yo do if you were me?



4 thoughts on “Looking Over Your NaNoWriMo For The First Time

  1. For my own WIP novel, I’m going to have it traditionally published (note how confident I sound). I’m going to hound everyone who’ll accept my MS.

    But I’m aware it may never be good enough. I’m not saying I’ll accept my novel is horrible, but unfortunately, self-publishing will have to be my second option to launch my career as a novelist. I’ll edit and re-write my MS, but if no trad. publisher is interested, I’ll do the damn process myself to the best of my ability!

    My vote is send your MS it to trad. publishers once you’re done because they can make your novel more successful (statistically) than you can. If not, you can self-publish.

  2. If you’d rather go the traditional route, I’d start there. That’s how I’ve been doing it – with self-pub as choice B.

    My YA paranormal romance “Entangled” is the first book I’m not sending to a single agent, the reason being I’m releasing an eAnthology (Death by Chocolate) with 5 other authors next month to market their eBooks. With all the publicity work we’re going to put into it, it didn’t make sense not to have my own eBook out there. This is not for money, it’s for marketing so I need something to sell! : )

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