The Post I Hesitated On…But Had To Post!

I love to read other blogs, and I saw this title “Us writer declares romance novels deserve no respect” I was curious, so I clicked on it.  HERE is that link.  Well, when I read it through without clicking the link (which I advise you to do too), I felt the writer’s passion and dismay for what she read.  THIS is the post what she read.

As I read the post by this uneducated man, I was truly upset!  I must tell you that I thought long and hard about posting this blog.  I didn’t want to give this guy (I’m not going to call him a man) the pleasure of his blog getting such hype, but then I thought why not share this?  Can’t it be an education to those that romance books are one of the top-selling genre?  Even The New York Times has articles about it!

Your thoughts and/or opinions are welcome!


4 thoughts on “The Post I Hesitated On…But Had To Post!

  1. Oh gosh. I went and read both post and I am literally ready to bounce up and sock the guy. Dismay doesn’t even begin to cover what I am feeling. He cites Jane Eyre as ‘classic love story’, but at the time, they were considered romance books. Along with many other books written for women at that time.

    The fact that he has the gall to write such an insult against a very popular genre but then states in his heading, “I’ve always told good lies, so I figure I might as well get paid for it. Sci-fi is really my thing, but I’ll even dabble in fantasy if it has a bit of a mystical bent. I also like straight fiction if it has some humor to it. I’ve only written one detective story, but I may do more of that one day too. Let’s face it, I’ll do anything that pays at least my weight in pizza and root beer. Party at my place?” Is on beyond ridiculous. Clearly the man is dilusional on so many levels.

    Of course I completely discount his opinion, though at times I do agree that some romance fiction is really quite silly. However, I’ve read some absolutely marvelously, well-written romance stories. Ones that I keep due to the sheer magic the author has created.

    I may have to post on this as well because all I can say is “OH MY GOSH!!!”

    Thank you so much for posting this.

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