Jen Daiker

If I had one word to describe Jen Daiker, it would be awesome!  I got to know Jen from Twitter, and liked her immediately!  She’s a sweet, funny, and devoted writer, blogger, and frequent tweeter, (she’s also the owner of #chicklitchat).  This woman is busy, but somehow she finds time to do it all — and while eating cupcakes!  I am so happy to have her as a guest because when one thinks of Chick Lit, they should think of her!

Tell us about yourself.   I’m twenty five. Own two cats. Have a husband. Write horror/dystopian YA/chick lit… depending on my mood. I also watch copious amounts of Bravo TV and I’m not afraid to shot it out loud if asked. My first published works is part of the anthology, Snowbound Hearts, my story is, Snowbanked!

At what moment did you know you were a writer?   January 20, 2010. The day I started blogging.

Where do you get your ideas from?   The what-if’s in life. What if I had to have a brother and not two sisters? What if I was punished based on what my parents produced? What would happen if the society forced me to watch them live their lives after they’ve been changed? They bring up so many possibilities. The world has endless ideas. You just have to be willing to listen.

What’s it like in a day of Jen Daiker?   Wake at 5, take a shower, work eight hours, grab a bite to eat (I never cook), go to a class (kickboxing or Zumba), write and watch trash TV. On weekends I live.

How do you come up with titles of your books?   My husband. He’s like the title bank. Apparently I’m the worst at coming up with them, and he’s the genius. I’m okay with this.

How do you celebrate after you’re finished writing a book?   Eat a cupcake… preferably with sprinkles.

What has been your greatest accomplishment as a writer?   Writing my first novel, publishing my first short story, falling in love with a publishing house. They’re all accomplishments and all the greatest.

As a writer, what are you greatest strengths? Your weaknesses?   Weaknesses? Silly girl, I have no weaknesses! Mwhahaha! Just kidding. Weakness – Wordiness. Still learning to simplify. Strength – Dialogue, both inner and between characters.

What are you favorite writing tools/utensils?   Do you mean my trusty PEN! *giggles*

How long did it take to get your first book published?   I’ve written three short stories, all debuting this year and it took me 2 years to experience the life of the published.

Do you have any advice for writers?   Write crap. It’s the best way to learn how you as a writer work best. You’ll find your weaknesses, strengths, and support. Oh, and, never give up.

What are your upcoming projects?   I have two more short stories in the works! Then I’m switching gears toward an adult thriller I’ve been working on, and a new dystopian YA that is going to take some effort and a whole lot of research. In the world of Jen, it’s never boring.

**Visit Jen at any of the below links:

Jen’s website: Unedited

Jen on Goodreads

Buy her book, Snowbound Hearts (Snowbanked)!


14 thoughts on “Jen Daiker

  1. Hey Jen. Love the advice. It’s kind of like when you do NaNoWriMo sometimes it’s just about getting some words down on the paper or screen or wherever it is that you write. Glad to be part of the Still Moments Family with you. Great interview.

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