It’s Fun Friday

My post on the 1st, was about Valentine’s Day, so here’s (kinda’) a follow-up.  I hope you find it as alluring and as sexy as I do!  Both of these men have been on the cover as People Magazine’s Sexiest Man!

George Clooney

I remember when I fell in love with George.  He was wearing blue scrubs and had a stethoscope draped around his neck.  Hello, Doctor!  He was the only reason I watched E.R.  There was a mystery about him that intrigued me, so much that seeing him made me swoon.  His voice had this power that made me hang on his every word.  He was my new crush!  When he appeared on Friends, playing a doctor (not his same character), I was pleasantly surprised to see him jumping out of a drama to play in a comedic role.  (His doctor friend was played by Noah Wyle, who is also a cutie!)

One of my favorite movies George (yes, I’m on a first name basis with him) is in is One Fine Day.  I love seeing him play the role of a very sexy daddy.  Other movie roles I’ve liked him in are Oceans Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen, where his role of power and sexy combine.

George Clooney only gets better with age, and I love his greying hair.  He’s never in the tabloids, he stays away from bad publicity, and he deserves each nomination and he receives.  For such a sexy man, I love how the leading ladies in his life (he’s currently dating the beautiful Stacy Keibler) are just as attractive as he is.  What lady wouldn’t like to be next to him on the red carpet?

Brad Pitt

I picked this picture because that’s how I’d like to remember him — when he was attractive, and when he seemed somewhat normal.  When I first saw Meet Joe Black, I was a Brad Pitt fan!  There was nothing I didn’t love about him.  His charm in the movie spoke for the man he was in real life.  He was just a good guy who happens to be once engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow, and most famously married to the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston, where they spent reported $1 million dollars on their wedding.  He is now a dad to his six children with partner Angelina Jolie.  (Can you tell I’m against his precious “Angie” and am pro-Jen!) Don’t y’all remember the picture of Jen and Brad on the beach the day before they announced their split and he was wearing a T-shirt that said TRASH!  Well, maybe it speaks for itself during their relationship.

My most favorite movie with Brad is Legends of the Fall where he plays the handsome Tristan.  If you’re a fan of Brad, you have to watch this movie, if you haven’t already.

Brad’s changed over the years, especially since he’s been in the relationship with Angelina.  I’ve not been impressed by some of his comments, or how he handles himself.  I’ve seen him on several Today Show interviews, and each time I grow less and less of fond of his cocky personality, and it’s not attractive.

In closing both George and Brad will be known for their good looks.  They will fit in the category of men (Michael Douglas, Paul Newman, Tom Selleck, Anthony Hopkins, Sean Connery and George Hamilton) who have aged gracefully.

I hope this has been a Fun Friday for you…


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